Monday, January 16, 2012

Betty Boop Barret!

Boots//Lord & Taylor

Today I actually got up early to take some pictures before I had to go to work at the pottery shop! I feel so productive. This dress feels like it was made for me, I absolutely love the perfect fit on it. I just recently re-discovered this barrette, along with all my other plastic hair clips and such, hidden away in a box in my closet. How could I have forgotten about something so rad? I'm going to try and get back into wearing plastic barrettes, I totally forgot how awesome they are. 
This betty boop one was almost lost forever today! After I got my lunch across the street from work I noticed if wasn't on my head anymore, but I re-traced my steps and found it on the sidewalk right in-front of where I bought my food..I picked it up and quickly put it back in my hair, while getting strange looks from passer-bys and people waiting for the bus.
Also, I'm going to try and smile like this more often in my photos..I like it :D



Samantha-Anne said...

Betty Boop, I love it!

Cess said...

The Barrett is addooorrraabbbllee!! And the dress is really cute! I like them together...