Monday, January 9, 2012

Four Eyed for Fashion!

Cardigan // H & M
Top // Thrifted
Skirt // H & M
Boots // Gifted
Buttons // Made by Midge (Moi!)

Confession time! I don't really need my glasses that badly. I need them for distance, mainly, but I just love how glasses look. So I'm a fashionable four eyes!  I have a few pairs of glasses, and I'm always thinking about getting new frames...when I can afford it. I think I need some cat eye frames next, vintage maybe? 
Anyways, today I ain't feeling so hot so I'm now out of this outfit and in my jammies, blogging from my bed. I'm quite congested and feeling very lethargic, I'll be doing the rest of my work for the day right here!  I'm very good at taking care of myself when I don't feel good so I'm expecting a speedy recovery for whatever I have! 

Self love = essential, especially when you feel crappy.

1 comment:

Willow said...

Great outfit! I've been looking for a cheetah-print cardigan for literally forever, and surprisingly I've had no success finding one at a thrift store. I might have to hit up H&M soon...
I follow you on tumblr, and I love that you started a blogspot too, I'm loving your posts! :)