Friday, January 13, 2012

Gloomy Day!

Dress // Marshalls
Belt // Thrifted
Earrings // Betsey Johnson

These pictures are actually what I wore yesterday. Its son gloomy today, I'm still working from my bed. Hey, if I can work from bed, why not? You don't even want to know what I'm actually wearing right now. (sock monkey printed pajamas)
I love wearing dresses with horizontal prints and stripes. It really irks me when some say that you can't wear any horizontal stripes if you have any curves in your build, because they make you looks "wider". For someone with these great italian hips, I find it so annoying when people say that, it's like an insult to my shape, because it's telling me that my body is wrong and needs to be hidden. But I love rocking prints like this, I'm pleased with how they look on me!  
We should really stop dressing to look like something you're not, embrace what you have and accentuate it. Because your body is absolutely lovely!


PS Put a bird on it!
PPS Who wants to help me save up for a fancy camera??

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Vera said...

Hi :) you're absolutely right, that dress looks awesome on you! x