Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My, My Mailbox

So this a new segment I'll be introdcung, showing ya'll all the sweet goodies I receive in the mail from time to time...

Just Do It Zine, Greif to Gratitude Workbook, Act Your Shoe Size print // Jetta Vegas

So, I've been on this self love/appreciation kick lately and you can tell by the kinds of zines I've been ordering lately. Just Do It is a zine about taking the leap forward to change yr life for the better, and to stop holding back on what you really want to do with yr life. Jetta uses a lot of her own personal experiences to exemplify how "taking the leap" is one of the best decisions you can make if you want to accomplish yr goals and dreams. Totally inspirational, as per usual from her! I also got the From Grief to Gratitude workbook, "Twenty Five Things to be Grateful of Right Now" which is just a little book to write all the things your grateful for down. I think it's such an motivational idea, and I will be keep this baby in my purse until it's filled. And of curse the awesome act your shoe size print! Couldn't have said it better myself :D

Shit's Fucked, a Positivity Guide // Ms. Valerie Park Distro

Another PMA filled zine, filled with short passages on how to improve yr attitude and overall being. My favorites :
Solo Date - "Learn to love solitude"
Wanderlust - "Get out of town already. A physical Change prompts emotional changes".

CONFIDENCE! Zine and Lisa Frank valentine with temporary tattoo // Courtney of GQ Tales

Another zine about self improvement that uses their own personal experiences as motivation. They include a checklist on how to insure your self confidence and self worth is on point. I love it.

REVOLUTION: Love Your Body Print and awesomest fucking drawing I've ever received// Sydney
The minute I saw this drawing on my tumblr feed I needed it to grace my wall. I need to find a spot of honor for the print, as well as the sweetest thing I have ever received in the mail from anyone -

Till, next time (such a cheesy saying but..)


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Sasha Fitzgerald said...

Great idea for a feature! I do a lot of online shopping and always share my favourite purchases hehe! :)

- Sasha