Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Indie Characterture

Dress // Target
Shirt // Anthropologie
Belt // F21
Tights // Betsey Johnson
Boots // Indigo

Listening to // Vivian Girls

Well, it's been a while! At least for me. I'm having a pretty busy week, lots of projects I'm getting done and making progress on some new endeavors for my shop. I'm also doing some freelancing for a friend which is going pretty well! (hint if you need a faminist designer/iluustator you now know who to go to hint)

So, today I totally feel like this is an outfit you would see on some indie illustration of a quirky girl on a greeting card or art print you can buy on Etsy or in a card store in Williamsburg. It has all the cutesy elements. I'm pretty pleased with it, actually! I've been meaning to try the whole shirt-under-dress thing for a while now, and I just remembered I owned this dress thats perfect for the look. Do you ever forget you own a cute item of clothing, and then you remember you have it and it's like it's new again? It happens to me all the damn time...

This Rosie the Riveter business is what I've been doing with my hair lately, because it's totally in it's "CUT ME NOW PLEASE I'M SO AWKWARD" stage. I'm going to make an appointment to get it cut once I find the time. I'm thinking a super short bob with bangs. And then it will grow out evenly, because right now it's in mullet mode. Which sometimes I can dig, but I need a change.

Well, it's back to the grind for me, I'm sewing some new brooches for the shop! Keep an eye out ;)


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edie pop said...

I like this indie girl outfit, maybe you get inspired by Vivian Girls:they are awesome!
Can't wait to see your new works!