Friday, March 30, 2012

My Name is Melora

Dress // Thrifted 
Belt // Thrifted 
Shoes // Steve Madden 

Doesn't this dress remind you of the dress Rebecca from Ghost World was wearing when David Cross' creepy character tried hitting on her at Seymour's party? And she says her name is Melora. But I've got the Enid hair, so I'm a combination of both characters!
I thrifted this dress and it fits so perfectly. Except the straps are kinda wonky. I feel like if my bra straps are gonna show no matter what, I may as well make it deliberate, and wear a black or brightly colored one shade of nude..or those clear plastic straps....

And I'm dog sitting! Say hi to London! Yaaay!



Jazz said...

The hair looks great!

Sweet Indigo Road said...

I looked at your portfolio and i love the riot zines. They are amazing! (and i also love this dress)