Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Hairs!

Dress // Modcloth 
Flats // Steve Madden
Necklace // Bust Craftacular (I forget the company name, blast!)

Listening to // Julie Ruin

Do ya like my new hairs? I got them on Monday. I was in dire need of change, I wasn't diggin the long bangs thing anymore, I wanted something more blunt. I went to this place in the East Village that I've gone to once before, and I think I'll be making it my official go-to place. (it's called Crops for Girls if you were curious). I'm kind of a hair-dresser flip-flopper, I have trouble finding one that I like and is in my price range and this place is it. Also, they have bright pink walls and leopard smocks. Win.

I'm constantly re-inventing myself. I get so bored easily, but I like it that ways, it gives me many opportunities to experiment with my look. It's like the week I get a haircut I'm already planning what new thing I'll be doing with it within the next couple of months. When I was in high school/early college I was known for having different hair every month! When I was 18, I would change the color of my mohawk almost every two weeks. 

Also, this dress is my new favorite, and Modcloth has it in other prints/colors and I'm tempted to just buy them all because it fits like a dream.

I'm gonna make some tea, later!


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purplebabaushka said...

I love the dress- not suprised they have it on modcloth- they always have the coolest stuff!