Thursday, March 1, 2012

Treat Yo' Self 2/29

It's my half-birthday! Does anyone actually care about those anyways? (besides me of course)

So, I bought my self some summery flats, and this cute change purse that shows my love for snail mail.
I love the 90's nostalgia of jelly shoes.. I had a red pair of mary jane jellies when I was a kid... I wish I still had them :( Even if they wouldn't fit, I would jut like to look at them every now and again. They were glittery, too.
I think it's important to treat yourself for little occasions like this. Especially given how hard I've been working as of late, it felt good to take a break and be frivolous for a part of my day. And then back to work of course.
I'm actually in the process of re-branding my shop. Which means new name, banner, packaging, etc. Total makeover. I'm working real long and hard on it so it comes out great. Any artist or designer knows that branding yourself is one of the hardest things ever. I'm taking my time on it, but I'm pumped! So, keep and eye out for that :D
Anyways, Happy March, and TREAT YO' SELF!


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