Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Urgent! Conference Tabling Adventure

This past weekend I tabled at the New School for the Urgent! Celebrating 40 Years of Radical Feminism conference! My table was so bright and happy and feminist!

Please excuse the blurriness..two of these were taken with my phone. It was on St. Patricks day so I enjoyed the crap out of eating a green bagel. My table looked adorable and I was so proud of it. It definitely stuck out like a sore thumb, but hey!

I think soon I will do a outfit post with the green dress I was wearing that day, it was perfect for the occasion and it fits like it was made for me. Which is funny because it got it from the thrift store and by the way it's made I could tell it was custom made by hand. 

Anyways..enough dressie talk...I brought my ever-loyal boyfriend Mike with me, he helped me carry all my merch and boxes. He did the same for me at the NYC Feminist Zinefest. How nice of him :)
He was like my pack-mule (self proclaimed, I didn't name him that). I was kinda bummed that I couldn't really attend any of the work shops or anything because I didn't want to leave anything un-attended, including the boyfriend, haha! I could hear applause coming from the auditorium and I was like "waaaah I wanna go"...I wish my table was closer to all the action.  But, I met some rad folks, many from the blog-o-sphere, which is always cool/funny, seeing people from your tumblr feed as like, ACTUAL people... the internet is so weird sometimes. 

I hope to table at more awesome events like this! So far the next time I'm tabling is in June I'll be at the Scranton Zine Fest!


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That's awesome!