Monday, April 2, 2012

Grrrl Style Meow!

Shirt // Lost Records on Etsy
Brooch // Cakeeater on Etsy
Skirt // F21
Boots // Doc Martens

Listening to // The Pixies

The only places I went today outside of the house was the post office and to walk the dog, and my outfit was it goes. I was so pumped to receive this brooch the other day, it's glittery and says riot grrrl. Etsy is like my one and only someone. And I'm also completely still in the honeymoon phase of my haircut. I re-dyed it my usual black today, and it's so shiny and glorious! 
And who doesn't like Sleater Kinney AND cats?! Sheesh.



Marlena said...

This outfit rules! I'm so in love with that Cakeeater pin! *.*

purplebabaushka said...

This is super cool! In the best way possible you really remind me Ened from Ghost World! So glad I discovered your blog!

Modern Girl Blitz said...

I get that a lot! I consider it a great compliment :)

Modern Girl Blitz said...

thanks, grrrl! <3

Bri said...

sooo i have to buy that shirt and pin now. they both rule so much. thanks for linking!

Bri said...

also, that shirt etsy carries a t-shirt from my dad's old band, laughing hyenas. really strange.