Monday, May 28, 2012

Backseam Babe pt 2

Top // Thrifted
Skirt // Thrifted
Stockings // Leg Avenue, via Amazon
Shoes // Target
I got a new camera! Kind of. I inherited my good friend's old one, because she just upgraded. 
This is my first like, camera camera. You know, one that has an actually nice lens and all that. I'm still finding my groove with it, but I figuring it out the more I futz with it.

AS A RESULT! My blog is going to have much prettier pictures and MORE of them! I've already started re-taking all my my pictures for my shop. I'm pumped to just take pictures of EVERYTHING. I'm like a little kid playing with their new favorite toy. Meep!


Samantha-Anne said...

Oh those stockings are just lovely!

Modern Girl Blitz said...

thaaanks! <3

bollykecks said...

You look so good!! argh!

Modern Girl Blitz said...


shahzad said...

the stockings are super hot.....but the reason they are hot is.....YOUR BEAUTIFUL LEGS DARLING......lots os love to your legs...mmuah