Monday, May 7, 2012

I Craft So I Don't Kill People

Hello followers! So, as you may know my bedroom is being totally renovated to reverse some of my teenage angst and anger that was taken out on my poor walls. It is taking way longer tan expected, and I've basically been living, working, sleeping in my office/studio. I think I may be starting to lose it a little, all of my belongings are just stuffed into the one room, and it's like my own quirky cell, and I'm wearing clothes out of a laundry basket. I cannot wait until this crap is over and done with, and I have my room back, because right now I feel like everything has ben flipped upside down.

Saturday started out rough, I almost got into a car accident and I was having a hard time putting up with all the clutter in the house and I needed to get my mind off all of it.

So, what am I doing to keep sane you ask? I've been crafting my ass off. Crafting is one of those things I do to relax and get my mind off things, and the feeling of pride and fulfillment when you get the final product it so worth it.

Heres some crap I made on Saturday to keep me from killing people!


Pretty much half of crafting for me is glueing things to other things. I found some old charms and trinkets in one of my boxes, and I made some new accessories out of them. The badge is mine from when I did baton twirling in kindergarden, I added the gold skull so now it's a gold medal ;) Also, I ruled at twirling, incase you were wondering.

I finally got on the ball with the detachable collar trend! I made these from some old shirts I found using this Rookie Mag tutorial by Marlena :) I dug up my zip-lock bag thats full of sequins and I thought these silver stars would look fab on the red one, and I was right.

Another craft I made using a tutorial I saw on Rookie! (tutorial here!) My flower crown, which bravely I wore yesterday whilst trecking trough NYC mass transit all the way to NJ to see Mike. I then wore it while we had homemade margaritas and cupcakes. How cutesy. 


Stephanie Page said...

The floral crown looks great on you! And I like those collars, too.

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so lovely <3 kisses from Italy