Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Shop has been Made-over!

UGH, FINALLY! I've been planning this for like month, achieving a new color palette and all this other stuff, but I've at last found the time to finalize it all.
SO, Made by Midge is no longer! I wanted more consistency between my blog(s) and shop(s) so they are all now called Modern Girl Blitz.

I feel like an actual thing now, ya know? In celebration of this I made these really cool scratch off cards!
They were actually super easy to make, the scratch off part is basically just acrylic paint and dish soap mixed together... who knew! I used this tutorial over at The Dainty Squid (one of my favey faves)

I made 100 of these puppies, so the next 100 orders will get one in their package! Scratch off the cards and it will reveal a coupon code anywhere from 10% to 60% off your next purchase in my Etsy shop (only!)

Go go go, and check out my pretty new banner and snag your scratch off card before they be goners!





Samantha-Anne said...

Oh how I wish I had more than only $4 in my bank account! One of the first things on my "things to do once employed again" list is to buy myself a little something or two from your shop! :)

Jazz said...

Looks great!