Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dress Surgery

Happy Saturday everyone! So, I bought this cute pink dress at the thrift store and realized when I got home that the top was way too big! I did one of those things where I tried it on in the aisle over my clothes, not a great way to judge if something fits.

So I did one of my first altering jobs...

Not too shabby! Are ya proud of me? I just cut chunks out of the armpit area, turned it in side out and stitched it right back up, while watching Ghostbusters in my underwear. It's still a bit wonky cause it's my first stab at it, but I'm sure I'll improve. I have a sewing machine ( from back when I had a sock monkey making addiction), it just needs a few fixes. I should alter and make more of my clothes, my wallet is awfully small for actual new threads!



Fashion babel said...

Midge, this is amazing!I'm pretty proud of you, even though I'm first time here, but I already like you!
And I just adore that Bikini Kill shirt you put on the previous post!

Marjolein said...

awesomeee! i have a dress which is a little too big at the top, but i'm scared that i'll ruin it when i make it smaller... So i guess that i'll wait and hope my boobs will grow bigger ;)

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Good idea!

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Thankyou! Thats too sweet :)