Monday, June 4, 2012

Four-eyed Queen of the Neighborhood

I have quite the extensive glasses/sunglasses collection. I wear regular glasses for distance, but the only time I REALLY need them is if I'm driving, in the dark, on a windy road in the rain. So, I like to collect "fake" glasses as well as funny sunglasses, just cause its so much fun. I feel like a certain pairs of frames can totally bump up  and make your look. Here are some of my faves!

// The Enid - I bought these at a tiny shop On Connecticut with my friend Rhiannon. The were five dollars, so an instant buy. They are my first huge pair of clear glasses, and I'm just going to state the obvious here with the resemblance that i get reminded of every time I post pictures wearing glasses. (which I totally don't mind at all, really, best compliment ever)

2 // Cat Eyes // Carol's Dream Boutique on Etsy - I've always wanted a pair of cool cat eyes, on my of prescription pairs has a very slight cat eye, but not enough. I wanted the extreme swoop with the sparkly-ness. They are perf.

3 // White, goofy, can't think of a clever name for glasses // Thrifted - I thrifted these back in high school, and I kinda forgot I had them for a while. I remember of the last times I wore them I had a mohawk and I went over my friend Tracey's house and pissed off her entire neighborhood cause I was SO PUNK. 

4 // Heart Shaped Madness // CVS - Back in the early winter when I was sick as a dog I was buying a jug of nyquil when I found these beauts. They made me smile and got me out of my funk, because I just love silly things like this. They did the job. Sometimes I just wear them around the house to be weird. What? 

5 // Subdued Heart Shaped Shades // - For some reason these have become my go-to everyday glasses when I'm just running out going to the post office or craft store. I guess that means I have a fun personality? 

6 // Read Cat Eye // - I was eye-ing (get it) for  a while before I sucked it up an ordered them. I wasn't sure if they would look to weird/extreme, but then I realized what I was actually saying. There are few frames out there that are too intense for me. 


Stephanie Page said...

You are too freaking adorable. I love the cat eyes and the black heart sunglasses. That coffee mug is incredible, too!

Romi said...

Loving your style and your tatts!!
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Modern Girl Blitz said...

Why, thank you! I'm glad ya like.