Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Miss Matched

Dress // Thrifted
Belt // F21
Shoes // TUK
Crown // Crafted via RookieMag Tutorial

This outfit makes me feel like a weird sort-of punk rock Snow White. I did see the movie this weekend, lots of stabbing. Gross. (but good otherwise) 

The sun came out just as I was taking my pictures today, so my legs are over exposed and look fluorescent. I never minded the "pale legs" situation, though. I was never the tanning type.  

I have this whole week off my my freelancing gig in the city so I'm spending all day of everyday this week preparing for the Scranton Zine and Art Fest on Saturday, and looking for more feelancing gigs online. (craigslist is a real funny place sometimes) So I've been scrolling though job ads while making brooches, screen-printing, and TRYING to finish LOUDMOUTH #4. Busy Busy!!! 

Back to werk!



Samantha-Anne said...

This may be one of my favorite outfit posts of yours!

Modern Girl Blitz said...

For realz? Thanks!