Friday, June 8, 2012

Off to Scranton!

I'm off the Connecticut first, actually. Rhiannon is driving to the Scranton Zinefest tomorrow, so I'm staying at her place over night so we can leave early in the morning. I don't really drive (I just drive locally) so I'll be training over to her house, with all my loot! I get to lug all this with me treading through Penn Station, then the subway, then though Grand Central, then on the Metro North train. A rush hour one. I'm just having this real irrational fear that someone in Grand Central is just gonna see me and tackle me to the ground like a football player for no reason. Just to do it.  Strange thoughts I have.

Also, it feels weird wearing pants. I never wear pants! And these aren't really pants, they're jeggings. I just cant see my self making this journey wearing a dress thats gonna ride all the way up thanks to my multiple bags, showing everyone in mass transit at rush hour my butt.
But for the zinefest I'll be wearing this dress! It's so easy to pack, too.

When I finally get to CN, I'm going to make some last minute brooches while Rhi makes her delicious baked goods to accompany my table, and then we're gonna eat some guacamole. Tummy is rumbling already.

But besides dreading the commute I'm so super excited for the Zinefest! I really hope to see some of you there! Heads up, my table will be the blindingly colorful one with the baked goods.


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Rhiannon said...

Can't wait to see you!!!!