Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Raiding Mom's Closet

Dress // Talbots 
Necklace // Vintage via Grandma
Stockings // Legs Avenue
Shoes // Target
Glasses // Carol's Dream Boutique 

What's more awesome than having a stylish mother thats the same size as you? Endless mutual closet raids! You would normally think stuff from Talbots is kind of farty, but this dress is so adorable and perfect. And I knew I was gonna "steal" it the minute I saw it. It's good cause my mom has the cash to spend away on clothes, not as much as I do, but I can still wear what she buys and she doesn't mind. Woop woop!

The reason I'm so dressed up on a Wednesday is because my dad is 60 today! Old man. We're going out to a big family dinner.

These photos were kind of awkward to take because my boyfriend is home sick, and he was sleeping in my bed and I felt weird taking pictures with him there, making "wahh I'm sick" groans in his sleep. I feel really shy taking pictures in front of others, even if their not really conscious. TMI? Sorry. 



littlestar cindy said...

This is so adorable! :D
Love your style! :D :D

shahazad said...

the seams are great and very well lined on cute legs.....