Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Witchy Weirdo

 Dress// Cheap Monday
Belt// F21
Boots// Zigi
Bracelets// Gift
Glasses// Ray Ban

So yeah I'm obsessed with my skull mug I made, which explains we holding it like a weirdo, treating it like some sacred artifact. It goes with the mood for today, gloomy, but I'm still enjoying it.
The sleeves of this dress make me feel like some sort of goth muppet, but only in the best way possible. It much better for much colder weather, i had to end up changing because I actually started to sweat. I wan some actual Autumn, weather, right now, please!
Maybe I'll go thrifty hunting for some new boots later. If I'm good!



Fiona said...

I was trying to think of a witty comment on the dress, but goth muppet pretty much sums it up! Very different (but of course gorgeous)!


Stephanie said...

I love the simplicity of this look! Also, awesome mug :)

Unifyhandmade said...

Love the dress! + that mug is super cool :-D