Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fox Blood

Top// Romeo and Juliet Couture
Shorts// F21
Tights// HUE
Shoes// Steve Madden

I've never rally tried out the whole sheer baggy top thing, and I found this adorable fox print top at Lord and Taylor that was like more than half off in clearance, so I thought why not!

I wore this outfit this pat weekend bowling with Mike. Last time I went bowling I was 14 and me and my friend all got kicked out cause we were rowdy teenagers or something like that. It was a lot more fun than I expected. Afterwards we went to this what I call the reject mall cause no one goes there and it's almost totally empty. And we somehow walked into a cat show where Nordstrom rack used to be there, which is kind of hilarious, and I wish I snapped some pictures. Maybe I was scared of the cat people yelling at me.

My week is already pretty swamped, I must say! But it's always a good busy. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed and then I have to stop myself from complaining because I stop and think about how I built this business/shop from the ground up and that I have enough people that care about it to keep me busy, and that is just so awesome. So yeah, back to work!



☯ZERO STYLE☯ said...

i need red tights! you look amazing, as always.

Mary-Morgan said...

oh my gawd! love this outfit so much!! you are too great!

Berry said...

Your blog is amazing!!! Love it <3