Sunday, December 23, 2012

Platform Ornament DIY

So, I'm really into EASY crafts for Christmas. With all the other stuff going on with gift shopping and going to parties, there is not a whole lot of time and mental capacity, for me atleast, to make things that are too complicated.

So, I present to you, an easy ornament DIY!



What you'll need:

  •  Any circular lid that you can upcycle. I used part of a mason jar lid. 
  •  A figurine of your choice, I picked these trees because I had so many leftover.
  •  Pipe cleaners
  •  Any other embellishment you like
  • Hot glue gun
So, like I said it's real easy and simple. Glue all your things to the lid, I used a silver pipe cleaner as a little border. For the hook on the tree, I wrapped another pip-cleaner around the top of the tree, and then glued the little heart charm to cover up any messy-ness.

I'm gifting this ornament to my parents, every year I make them a cutesy ornament :)

Merry Christmaaaaassssss!!! Time for me to wrap more gifties.



gwenivere said...

Adorable! I love that idea. Might have to steal it for something to put in my parents' stockings :)

Judith said...

so cute!

aree1997 said...

Love it. Merry Christmas :)