Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Look, Same Great Midge Taste!

Yet again! If you follow me, you know what I'm a serial banner-changer. But I've finally came up with something I'm 100% happy with. This is it for a while, folks! Hope ya like it! Same change was made on my Etsy page, but with red triangles :D

Also, here's a super grainy picture of my zine wall! I think it needs a third row, no?

This post was super random. Goodnight!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Plaid Style Now!

Dress // Thrifted
Belt // Thrifted
Boots // Doc Martens

So I pretty much spent the entire day taking pictures. I think I may be addicted to my camera. Keep an eye out for new fancy photos in my shop and on facebook!

Other than taking pictures, I packed and mailed some orders, watched Wendy Williams, bought my dad his 60'th birthday gift, ate some chick peas, and then took more pictures.
Exciting, right? Later I have to draw a whole bunch for LOUDMOUTH #4 and maybe make some stencils for my totes.

 Hope you're having a productive Wednesday too!


My, My Mailbox 5/30

1 // Goodies from the fine people from Super Uterus
Received such a lovely package from these folks last week, after a sub-par day. So i put on a super uterus tee (not pictured) and danced around and then I was happy.

2 // Vicky from Say Hello Studios on esty
I ordered a bunch from Vicky, she has such cool art. Very minimalist and quirky drawings of all our favorite objects, such as cameras, typewriters, and rolls of film. So cute.

3 // Girls Can Punch! Zine by Whitney
Go some surprise mail from Whitney, and I'm always over joyed for surprise mail, especially surprise zines! Girls can punch is a mini zine empowering strong girls, and one of the illustrations is wearing a Wild Flag shirt. Swoon.

4 // Skrrrl Zine by Jolie aka Mrs. Noggle on etsy

Jolie did a short interview to feature me in Skrrrl , a zine about interviewing, reviewing and promoting other Riot Grrrl zinesters and artists. She publicizes lotsa cool distros and people, so it's kinda amazing.

5 // Motor City Kitty #18 by Bri
Traded zines with Bri a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed reading her writings about traveling on tour, and her thoughts and experience at Slut Walk. A real good read.

6// Club Imberbe, Queer Hall of Fame Zine by Una Buena Barba 

Club Imberbe, Queer Hall of Fame is a compilation zine from Spain, about various artists' submitting art about their queer idols was approached to do one, so I decided on do a drawing of Carrie Brownstien who I look up to as a Jane of all trades. I did a very middle school like drawing of her, which actually has inspired the theme for The next issue of my LOUDMOUTH zine. The zine is kind of beautiful, full color cover and really has some sweet illustrations in it. Oh, and there are pink flamingos on the inner cover. Love.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Obligatory Instagram Post!

Here ya go!

Because I don't always have time for style posts, but theres always time for instagramz.


Backseam Babe pt 2

Top // Thrifted
Skirt // Thrifted
Stockings // Leg Avenue, via Amazon
Shoes // Target
I got a new camera! Kind of. I inherited my good friend's old one, because she just upgraded. 
This is my first like, camera camera. You know, one that has an actually nice lens and all that. I'm still finding my groove with it, but I figuring it out the more I futz with it.

AS A RESULT! My blog is going to have much prettier pictures and MORE of them! I've already started re-taking all my my pictures for my shop. I'm pumped to just take pictures of EVERYTHING. I'm like a little kid playing with their new favorite toy. Meep!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Backseam Babe

Top // Anthropologie
Skirt, Belt & Shoes // Thrifted
Stockings // Legs Avenue

Wore this yesterday, but I'm posting it today...

I'm in the great anticipation of my "new" camera, I'm getting my friend's old one, which is still really really nice. So I'm putting my planned DIY projects on hold until I get my paws on that camera so I get real snazzy pictures for the tutorials!

I am so in love with backseam stockings. I've already ordered like 3 more pairs. I must say I'm pretty proud of how I put this get-up together :)


Monday, May 14, 2012

Back in Black and Floral

Dress // Nanette Lepore (gasp!)
Shoes // Zigi Soho
Clips // Plaid Barn Craftiness

Ahhh! My bedroom is officially in make over mode! The hard part is done...the walls. My walls were a MESS, due to my angsty teen stage of glueing things to the wall and a never ending love for spray paint and slogans like "eat shit and die". 

ANYWAYS. The walls were the hard part, took about a week and half and its finally done, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the color. You like? Seafoam is my go to shade now -a-days. But it's not done yet. Getting new carpet installed at the end of the week, and I have yet to get my new shelves up as well as the rest of my pictures and things. But it's getting there. I'll be sure to share some before and after pictures when this is all done. 

So, this dress is kind of to die for. It was a my graduation dress, which is why it's so fancy fancy, but I love so I wear it a lot on special occasions. I wore this yesterday, Mothers Day. We went to this beautiful restaurant in Huntington, on the water. Gorgeous setting, but I could hardly eat anything on the menu, me being vegetarian and all. But there was a photographer there that looked so much like Bruce Vilanch that I thought it was actually him. So that made it worth while. And wine. 

I have a few DIY projects I'll be doing for my new space, and I'll be sure to share some great DIY tutorials, keep an eye out! Also, enjoy this picture of my brother stealing my glasses at the restaurant. Mr. Suave. (embarrassing your siblings on the internet is the best)


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Shop has been Made-over!

UGH, FINALLY! I've been planning this for like month, achieving a new color palette and all this other stuff, but I've at last found the time to finalize it all.
SO, Made by Midge is no longer! I wanted more consistency between my blog(s) and shop(s) so they are all now called Modern Girl Blitz.

I feel like an actual thing now, ya know? In celebration of this I made these really cool scratch off cards!
They were actually super easy to make, the scratch off part is basically just acrylic paint and dish soap mixed together... who knew! I used this tutorial over at The Dainty Squid (one of my favey faves)

I made 100 of these puppies, so the next 100 orders will get one in their package! Scratch off the cards and it will reveal a coupon code anywhere from 10% to 60% off your next purchase in my Etsy shop (only!)

Go go go, and check out my pretty new banner and snag your scratch off card before they be goners!


Monday, May 7, 2012

I Craft So I Don't Kill People

Hello followers! So, as you may know my bedroom is being totally renovated to reverse some of my teenage angst and anger that was taken out on my poor walls. It is taking way longer tan expected, and I've basically been living, working, sleeping in my office/studio. I think I may be starting to lose it a little, all of my belongings are just stuffed into the one room, and it's like my own quirky cell, and I'm wearing clothes out of a laundry basket. I cannot wait until this crap is over and done with, and I have my room back, because right now I feel like everything has ben flipped upside down.

Saturday started out rough, I almost got into a car accident and I was having a hard time putting up with all the clutter in the house and I needed to get my mind off all of it.

So, what am I doing to keep sane you ask? I've been crafting my ass off. Crafting is one of those things I do to relax and get my mind off things, and the feeling of pride and fulfillment when you get the final product it so worth it.

Heres some crap I made on Saturday to keep me from killing people!


Pretty much half of crafting for me is glueing things to other things. I found some old charms and trinkets in one of my boxes, and I made some new accessories out of them. The badge is mine from when I did baton twirling in kindergarden, I added the gold skull so now it's a gold medal ;) Also, I ruled at twirling, incase you were wondering.

I finally got on the ball with the detachable collar trend! I made these from some old shirts I found using this Rookie Mag tutorial by Marlena :) I dug up my zip-lock bag thats full of sequins and I thought these silver stars would look fab on the red one, and I was right.

Another craft I made using a tutorial I saw on Rookie! (tutorial here!) My flower crown, which bravely I wore yesterday whilst trecking trough NYC mass transit all the way to NJ to see Mike. I then wore it while we had homemade margaritas and cupcakes. How cutesy.