Friday, June 29, 2012

Punk Rock Betty Boop

Romper // H&M
Hair Clips // Crafted
Shoes // Zigi
This is my first romper! I was a bit late on this "look". Romper usually don't like me because my top and bottom proportions are a bit different, so onsies don't tend to fit on both halves. 
I felt like showing off my bangs today, based solely on the fact that i cut them myself and it's the straightest thats I've ever gotten them by doing them myself. Go Midge!

Well, I'm going to craft a bit and run off to the post office! Happy Friday!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Pink Elephants

Dress // Modcloth
Necklace & Socks // F21
Shoes // Steve Madden

Hello! Hope everyone had a good weekend...mine was pretty relaxed. Spent some quality time with the folks, took my Dad out to brunch at a cutsey bistro.

Today I am taking it easy, my back has been bothering me a bit lately so I think I'm going to do some therapeutic crafting and hopefully get most of the writing material for my per zine Scatterbrain, that way I can get to doing the layout, the extra fun part!


Victorian Village by the Sea

Last weekend I randomly decided I would take a drive out to this little town called Seacliff, thats literally a cliff on the sea. The victorian houses are beautiful and it sits right on the Long Island Sound. I thought I wold share some pictures from that day!

The Sea,

And The Village,

Thursday, June 21, 2012

All Painted Up Like Trash

Dress // BCBG Generation
Shoes // Thrifted

Happy Summer Solstice! It's the longest day of the year. I'm spending it doing even amounts of work and play. Today I worked on making some banners for my blog for now, both of my shop! (as you can see on your left) As well as some writing for Scatterbrain #2 and working on some more branding stuff for Candy Striped. 

This evening my mom and I are seeing the wonderful drag queen Hedda Lettuce perform. It's kind of a beginning of summer tradition for us, we go see Hedda. She performs a stand-up like routine at the Zeigfeild movie theater during a screening of Mommie Dearest! NO WIRE HANGERS, EVAAAAR! It's kind of becoming our own little tradition. I love my Mommie Dearest! 

 Anyways. When ever I go to any sort of drag show, I feel as though I gotta paint my face up almost as good as they do. (almost)

Have a good long day! 


It's herrrrrrrre!

Candy Striped Vintage is officially open for business! I've already made my first sale, and I squealed when I saw it :D

Here are some more of my favorite items, and there will be more to come within the next week or so!

1970's Betty Crocker recipe cards sold in sets from $2 to $4

Pink Kitty Bank for $9

Carousel Horsie Tin for $2.50


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hey everyone! So, I've wanted to do this for a while, and I'm finally doing it...I'm starting my own vintage shop (names Candy Striped Vintage) on Etsy! I've been planning this for quite some time now, and I'm thrilled that it's happening.

I've always been really good at finding great vintage treasures, so why not share them with the world and curate my own shop?

Other reason being, I don't lie when I say that DIY or DIE! is my mantra. I'm finding it hard to find a real design gig, being as many people just want to hire unpaid interns. So, if no one can hire me, I'll just hire me! Ta daaaa!

The shop will officially launch tomorrow, but for now heres a peek at some of my fave items that I'll have up for grabs! I'll mainly be selling housewares, decor, and accessories.

Little Owl Twins for $10

Pink Magic 8 Ball for $7

Garfield Mug for $5
Stay Tuned!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Raiding Mom's Closet Pt. 2

Dress // Theory 
Belt // Thrifted
Shoes // Steve Madden

I did it again..this is what happens when you can't find any good thrift store dresses for 5 dollars and have a stylish mother who's the same size as you. I couldn't find anything to wear this Saturday so I found this in Mom's closet, or as she calls it, her Zen Place. 

Saturday I went to the mall with my best friend to get a dress for her City Hall wedding next month! Sometimes going to the mall makes me feel happy, and that kind of makes me scared of the power that consumerism has on me. Thought of the day.

Sunday, yesterday I took a drive by myself to Sea Cliff, an adorable town about 20 minutes away from me on the north shore of Long Island. It is SO pretty. Pictures from then soon to come!

Hope your weekend ruled!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dress Surgery

Happy Saturday everyone! So, I bought this cute pink dress at the thrift store and realized when I got home that the top was way too big! I did one of those things where I tried it on in the aisle over my clothes, not a great way to judge if something fits.

So I did one of my first altering jobs...

Not too shabby! Are ya proud of me? I just cut chunks out of the armpit area, turned it in side out and stitched it right back up, while watching Ghostbusters in my underwear. It's still a bit wonky cause it's my first stab at it, but I'm sure I'll improve. I have a sewing machine ( from back when I had a sock monkey making addiction), it just needs a few fixes. I should alter and make more of my clothes, my wallet is awfully small for actual new threads!


Friday, June 15, 2012

But I'm a Cheerleader

Shirt // eBay
Skirt // Thrifted
Shoes // Vans

It is so beautiful makes me wish I wasn't in the suburb and lived somewhere where I cn walk to a outdoor bar and sip margaritas and had someone out here to do that with. Instead, I'll just craft and write for my zines, in front of an open window enjoying the nice breeze in my face.
I just got back from taking a stroll to the post office and decided to do some writing in the yard. I have this strange feeling of be alone and living in the middle of nowhere, and its a very unfamiliar feeling, because I do live in the boring suburbs but only a 30 minute train ride from Manhattan, with the train station in walking distance. Next time I feel like this I think I might force myself to just impulsively hop on the train, and go to blue stockings and read some zines or something. Working from home can get kind of lonely, even though I still do love it!

Speaking of working from home, I have a huge surprise for everyone in store, it's a new endeavor of mine and its big! I'm don't wanna tell you just yet cause its still in the works. I'll tell ya next week! (it's sorta big. and awesome) Vague post is vague.


My, My Mailbox Pin Edition

Buttons traded with Caleb at
Brooch from Daisy at

Excited to rock all my new pins! My faves of Caleb's are totally the pizza and zines one. Now I want pizza. Damn. Also, I kinda wanna do my hair like the character in Daisy's pin. Maybe I can just do my bangs pink? Decisions.

Anyways, stay tuned for a style post later on today <3


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Scranton Loot

Made some cool trades and purchases in Scranton, here are some favorites!

I have to say that I'm most amused by the fact that they put the crotch picture in the newspaper, especially being as I sent them many other photos to include, but I guess that one was their favorite..haha

Cat Power Zine by Cassie
Dead Wrestlers by Aaron
Tribituaries by JC (my fave)
Night Sweats By Caralyn
Spew Zine by I don't know... but it's still awesome
Black Hole Brains by Ladydorian



I'm having both a relaxing and productive day, in my jammies photographing some stuff for the shop, and crafting some new surprise items! 

More posts to come later on in the day about some things I got in the mail today and my loot from Scranton Zinefest this past weekend :)


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Raiding Mom's Closet

Dress // Talbots 
Necklace // Vintage via Grandma
Stockings // Legs Avenue
Shoes // Target
Glasses // Carol's Dream Boutique 

What's more awesome than having a stylish mother thats the same size as you? Endless mutual closet raids! You would normally think stuff from Talbots is kind of farty, but this dress is so adorable and perfect. And I knew I was gonna "steal" it the minute I saw it. It's good cause my mom has the cash to spend away on clothes, not as much as I do, but I can still wear what she buys and she doesn't mind. Woop woop!

The reason I'm so dressed up on a Wednesday is because my dad is 60 today! Old man. We're going out to a big family dinner.

These photos were kind of awkward to take because my boyfriend is home sick, and he was sleeping in my bed and I felt weird taking pictures with him there, making "wahh I'm sick" groans in his sleep. I feel really shy taking pictures in front of others, even if their not really conscious. TMI? Sorry. 


Monday, June 11, 2012

Midge Goes to Scranton

Do you like my cheesy smile? It's cause tabling is so much fun. Scranton was interesting, kind of a small turn out (small town so I guess that was expected) but Rhi and I met some cool folks, and made some trades, one of my favorite things. Rhi made red velvet cupcakes that came out SO GOOD and people loved them!

My brooches, they're probably one of my favorite things to make.

We also got these patches for free.

When the fest wrapped up, we fueled up at Chicks Diner, a real kitschy 50's joint with awesome grilled cheese.

How was your weekend? Do anything fun far from home?