Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Zine Review: Missy Kulik of Sugar Cookie


The lovley zine queen Missy of Sugar Cookie was kind enough to send me this package of zine to review and I'm pretty much smitten with all of them. Her style is what I strive for whenever I want to draw something cute and fun to look at. Missy and I share a lot of interests, which also helps (like snail mail, thrift store dresses, sock monkeys, ect)
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(Remember Milky Pens?!)

Also relatable to me personally in the funniest way... I like having things in common with people in unexpected ways. The pages are all little comics of Missy's little anecdotes, or what she did on a certain day. One was about a windy day when it was almost Spring and going to yoga in the late afternoon, which was basically my day yesterday. In another issue she has little drawings of things she's mailed to different people, some are bit strange and also things I've sent to people in the mail, including a pair of underwear...Haha!

Oh, and then there's Tofu Baby, her signature charecter. Tofu Baby likes to make onion dip with black licorice, has once set sail to find some whales, and doesn't like wearing glasses. Very adventurous.
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One of my favorites is this tiny zine called knee high, this one in particular describes favorite dresses... Photobucket

I'm a big fan of lists which may be another contributing factor as to why I love these zines so much. They are a lot of lists of favorite things and firsts, and its fun to look and read about all of them. She even has her comics compiled into her own book, Personal Charm, which is pretty impressive!
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I gotta say, I am thoroughly amused being engulfed in all these cute comics, and Missy's zines just confirms with me the idea of saying a lot and conveying a lot of feelings using imagery and few words. Being more of a visual then verbal person myself, I find this comforting.  Her comics gave me a great warm and fuzzy feeling, and they are beautifully simple, and sweet. I highly recommend them on a gloomy day when you're not feeling too great, because thy will cheer you right up, and help you find the beauty in the little things! Something I don't do often enough.

Thank you, Missy for sending me your wonderful zines!

You can find Missy's zines in her etsy shop (where she also sells the cutest brooches and other accessories), Sugar Cookie and be sure to check out her website and her blog! You'll be happy you did.



Emily said...

Aw her zines look gorgeous! I'd like to read the tofu favourites collection, so cute~

CreatureType.com said...

I love this post! I really love zines, too, but sadly don't have much of a collection. I really want to put one together sometime this year. :) They're like everything I most love seeing in comics, but feel even more precious and personal. They're always such inexpensive little treats, too!

xo Michelle

Samantha-Anne said...

After reading this I was inspired to order her book. All of her work looks so amazing and almost too cute to handle!

Nerd Burger said...

Love her stuff. That tofu baby one looks rad. I'm going to head over to her shop and take a look. :)