Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bulletin Appreciation Post

So, I'm kind of a hoarder of all kinds of scraps, things I receive in the mail, gift tags, notes, cards, all that kind of stuff. Before I finally hung up these cork board on my wall, I would just hoard these scraps in scattered places all over my room. Kind of a mess. But now I can hang them all up to admire on my wall!
 photo IMG_9285_zpsd5190018.jpg
 photo IMG_9298_zps9e6f9d58.jpg

When I ordered a record from Bikini Kill Records, it came with a hand written note from Tobi Vail! <3!!!

 photo IMG_9288_zps1cdd31a2.jpg

My mom cut these articles out in the early 90's, cause they are pretty hilarious. She saved them and then gave them to me and said I should put them in my zine, haha! I just think it's funny she would save these for so long, for me! My mom is quirky, like someone I know (me).

 photo IMG_9297_zps0c592f52.jpg

I have a thing for vintage photos of sailors. Verrrry specific.
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Katie said...

Eeee I didn't know they started their own label! I'll have to order something and see if I get a note. Also, psyched they're re-releasing their demos; I love the song Candy, and I had an mp3 a while ago, but my computer crashed and now I can't find it!

Modern Girl Blitz said...

oOH! I didn't know they were re-realsing the demos too, I gotta check that out!