Friday, March 29, 2013

Fancying Friday

Ok, so there about a half hour left of Friday, so I should do this quick!

 photo il_570xN-1421023997_p0y0_zpsc1863dfa.jpg
1//These mushroom earrings  ginnettepomette on etsy

 photo Screenshot2013-03-29at113904AM_zps384034cb.png
2//THESE EFFING SHOES by Isaac Mizrahi. I saw these in Lord and Taylor the other day and nearly died. The photo does no justice, the leather is SPARKLY. And the wedge heel is a translucent pink. DEAD.

   photo IMG_9889_zps99610f56.jpg
3//My dad's biscotti. Can't stop. Eating. Recipe here.  photo tumblr_mkfl82YbZq1qgn31to1_500_zps92668bf0.png
4//John Waters hating the Easter Bunny. Cause it makes me chuckle.



Nancy Wilde said...

Those mushroom earrings...! WANT them as brooches!

Miss Jojangles said...

Those earring. Those earrings. Those earrings. MAKE. ME. WANT. TO. PIERCE. MY. EARS. Now, I'll talk normally. Love your blog! you are adorable! X

Alice, Pretty Confused said...

If only I had my ears pierced, I think I could actually be convinced if I could have those mushrooms xo