Friday, March 8, 2013

Flowers on the Mind

 photo IMG_9275_zps2b529d73.jpg
Top// Anthropologie
Neckalce// Handmade
Skirt// F21
Cardigan// Angie
Bracelet// Betsey Johnson
Shoes// BCBG
 photo IMG_9267_zpsa4859725.jpg

Ok. So obviously, if you're in the NY area, you'll know that it's safe to assume this is not what I'm wearing right now. I wore this earlier in the week when the weather was still hopeful to becoming Spring-like. But now it's snowwwinggg! Which I actually kind of like, it looks pretty. I'm just sick of the cold. This weekend is daylight savings though, and I'm so excited, I love when it stays light out longer. And on Monday The Wendy Williams show is back from vacation..have I talked about how much I love Wendy Williams? I really do. And I'm not a big fan of the celeb gossip thing, I just love her. Her show has become a part of my schedule so when theres no new episodes my day feels weird! I'm substituting with Rachel Ray, so not the same. (though the other day she had some really good crafty fashion ideas that I may replicate for this blog..did you know glitter spray paint exists now?!)
Working from home has turned me int some kind of daytime TV critic. (I despise Dr Oz)  So anyway I have two little things that make me happy to look forward to! It's always the little things that cheer me up.

Maybe I'll take a walk to frolic alone in the snow today. That sounded so sad. haha


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Ellie Connor-Phillips said...

love this look...your blog is awesome!xx