Monday, March 4, 2013

Midge's Mailbox

As a lover of zines and snail mail, my mailbox has seen some pretty rad occupants.  Here's so favorite things I've received recently!
 photo PhotoFeb2810706PM_zpse29ad8c9.jpg

So Pretty Zine// So Pretty Goodies
 photo PhotoFeb2810742PM_zpsfa5f3f22.jpg  photo PhotoMar0430618PM_zps12f7888a.jpg  photo PhotoMar0430559PM_zps16d7b6d5.jpg

Angela's blog features so many pretty things so I was sure her zine would deliver the same kind of eye candy, and it sure does. I love all the clip art she uses.

Live Through This: Feminist Riot Grrrl Retrospective// Pillowfight Designs
 photo PhotoFeb2810934PM_zps9d5667e5.jpg  photo PhotoFeb2810728PM_zps0951fda1.jpg  photo PhotoFeb2810944PM_zps5c085ed3.jpg

This zine is so well made. I love the handwriting, and the scans of the author's riot grrrl relics, including lots of mixtapes. The photography is just really awesome, too.

Wanda Patch// Witchboy 
I love this patch so much, that I don't even know yet what I want to do with it. For now, its on my wall.

Swan in a Ditch Zine// The Little Swan

I traded this zine with the lovely Valentina, and I'm happy I's so purdy! I'm such a sucker for collage art with retro images and typewriter fonts.
 photo PhotoFeb2810913PM_zpsae774558.jpg  photo PhotoFeb2810853PM_zps5a7941ba.jpg  photo PhotoFeb2810836PM_zps7bb95535.jpg  photo PhotoFeb2810819PM_zps232307de.jpg

Hope you enjoyed the contents of my mailbox this week!


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