Thursday, March 21, 2013

Watermelon Girl

 photo IMG_9583_zpsd40a974d.jpg
Top// Ju Ju Samuse 
Skirt// Zara
Boots// Zigi

I'm dressed like a watermelon and it's snowing AGAIN! Outfits like this seem so sad when its like this outside. I had to stop my self today at Michaels from buying a huge bunch of fake flowers to brighten things up around here. I refrained, haha. Once Spring ACTUALLY gets here my yard grows tons of lovely flowers anyways, so I'll just wait it out for the real thing. 
Its so annoying how weather effects moods so much..but my BUST magazine came today, so that cheered me up! The little things always cheer me up. I also have a modcloth package coming soon that I'm compulsively tracking. It's in a sorting facility in my town, and I'm getting so ansty! 



Typical 90s child... said...

oh, love this outfit so so much!!!!

Beverly Houpt said...

I agree~ the weather over here got me pretty bummed today too. Gotta have things to look forward to!

Meanz Chan said...

Love the watermelon outfit. Summery outfits always make me a little happier during winter.

Ida Ayu Melati said...

pretty pretty :) here in Indonesia is very hot. too hot here also affect your mood to be angry.

Shell KittyAndBuck said...

Oh boy, I love this outfit! So cute, dressed like fruit, I'm a dork. Sorry. Don't worry spring will be here before you know it and you can actually wear your ensemble outside

Sammi said...

Hehe! This outfit is ADORABLE! I love it. I know just what you mean about needing some fake flowers to make everything seem springier... I've been eyeing the flower wreaths at JoAnn Fabrics and desperately wanting one to brighten everything up... I just hope spring gets here quickly so things start blooming!

xox Sammi

Lindsay Jo Design said...

Wow, you are a peach! I repinned a few of your outfits on Pinterest and had to come and see what else you had here. Your blog is so lovely! And, being a huge fan of watermelon, I am in love with your outfit.

Funny story, I found a watermelon knife that looks exactly like a watermelon. Silly, huh? I'll have to post it sometime when I get a watermelon.

It's pretty dreary here in Florida. The typical heat + pre-rain haze. It's actually quite gross. Sorry the snow is getting you down! I hope things get a bit cheerier. I'm hoping to go to the park and find some things in bloom tomorrow myself.

A new follower, AKA Lindsay

Emily said...

You are waaaaaay to cute, I seriously wish I had this outfit. Watermelons are the best.