Wednesday, April 10, 2013


 photo IMG_9979_zpsdefb3b6e.jpg  photo IMG_9981_zpsf90bcfb5.jpg

Top// Fred Perry
Skirt// Love Ady
Tights// JC Penny
Shoes// Mizmoo
Bracelet// Betsey Johnson

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Woohoo it's my 200th post! I remember being proud of my 100th and how far I came from when I started blogging, and now even more you like the blog's little facelift? I'm SUPER pleased with it. Did it all by myself (pats self on back)

I'm a huge typical virgo perfectionist and the old layout of my blog wasn't just right to me and was really bothering me. Now that it's just how I wanted it I feel so accomplished. It's actually a total coincidence that I debuted my blog's new look on my 200th post. OOH SYMBOLIC haha

I guess I should say some words about my outfit now. Wearing these shoes with tights is a fun twist on a summery shoe, and it makes my feetsies less prone to pesky blisters. I wore this skirt last week, but it's so comfortable I could wear it every day. My Fred Perry shirt is one of those investment pieces in my closet that I know I'll always wear. It's a classic! All in all, I'm pretty much in love with my outfit today.



inbetweenidols said...

Congrats on your 200th! I'm barely over 30 and it's still so crazy to look at the first couple of posts I put up. Can't even imagine how it'll be 170 posts from now!

Fred Perry investments are always wise!

Lauren- Old Red Boots said...

Congrats on 200! Keep up the good work!

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Thanks, girl! <3

Modern Girl Blitz said...

it's what makes things like blogging so much fun! Progressss!:D

☯ZERO STYLE☯ said...

those tights are awesome! i am still in shock that jcp is cool now. fred perry shirts are always a good idea. wish i could fit my boobs in them!

Rhiannon said...

Love your new banner gurlfrand ;)

Modern Girl Blitz said...

YAY I got Rhiannon approval :D

Modern Girl Blitz said...

JCPenny has turned into the best place for tights like, overnight. I thought that was the place to buy Alfred Dunner elastic pants and top sets and towels. A pleasant surprise to say the least! I have to be careful with what kinda bra I wear with that shirt. if its padded at all I burst out.

Nebulainbloom said...

Congrats on 200! The banner was the first things I noticed and it looks awesome.

Modern Girl Blitz said...

yay! thanks! <3

Sara said... just wanted to send you this to the 'Dirty Girls', 17 years later. I saw the original 'Dirty Girls' because of alink on your tumblr, I think. ~ LittleMissPlump

Gabi said...

Well done! Here's to 200 more!

I love your layout too, it looks all swish and fancy


Rachel Sullivan said...

Rock them garter tights.


Emily said...

Yay congrats on 200 posts! I love your outfit by the way and that bracelet looks ssuuuper cute

Emma Schaeffer said...

Hello! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can check out the rules here: