Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Brand New Shoes

 photo IMG_0804_zpsd11b07ab.jpg
Dress// F21 ( 5 years old)
Belt// Thrifted
Shoes// Crown Vintage
Bracelet//Kate Spade

 photo IMG_0819_zps125eb136.jpg  photo IMG_0824_zps16b65548.jpg  photo IMG_0818_zps9f567b73.jpg

Woo Wednesday! How the hell did that happen? I feel like it's still Monday morning. these shoes I got on my DSW rampage I mentioned last week. I wanted cute low wedge sandals.. and these were basically calling my name.
I feel like, almost odd posting pictures back in my room, as opposed to some pretty beach, like in my last post..I'm just so happy with how they came out that I think I can't top it, ya know? I should get back into taking pictures in my yard, now that I'm much more savvy with the camera than when I first started. I was talking about this with a friend earlier..wouldn't it be awesome if there was like a designated park that was a a safe space for style bloggers to conjugate and take tripod selfies without feeling self conscious or with passer bys staring? It would be equipped with pretty walls and trees and plants and stuff. I would be like a utopia. Taking selfies in public scares me! All my public outdoor photos are taken by my handy dandy boyfriend. But I wish I could muster up the guts to venture out on my own! One day, I'll suck it up. Just a random thought!
I've had this dress forever, and it looks like a moo moo with out a belt. It always makes me laugh at myself. I laugh at myself ALOT.
Hope you are having a great week!



jessthetics said...

Your shoes are lovely! I agree that there should be a park where bloggers can take selfies without being judged. I always feel really self conscious taking photos in public! xx

Marc Langlois said...

I really like your blog, I like your style and all your looks, you are charming!!

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

I think I have a simialr bracelet :D And that dress is adorable with those shoes. And it is hard to get out there and do photos on your own but SO worth it! Your inside is cute though - I couldn't pull it off with my current apartment.

Nicole said...

I wish there was a space for bloggers to take pictures! That would be amazing. Personally, I'd benefit more from someone telling me that my belt was out of place, or the wind did something ridiculous with my hair... which I never notice until I see the pictures on my computer. Such is life! And my boyfriend doesn't seem to think it matters (if he's doing the picture taking). Another blogger would.

What do you find so intimidating about taking pictures outside? Every place I've lived in has had awful indoor light, so that wasn't an option for me. But the light in your room is lovely!

I keep my tripod in the car, find a safe but semi secluded space and set up. I've had my run-in's and hilarious encounters but for the most part people leave me alone.