Thursday, April 25, 2013

Glasses Galore

 photo IMG_0843_zps852a55b4.jpg  photo IMG_0849_zps463405a0.jpg

Dress// F21 (old)
Shirt// Scrapbook
Belt// Thrifted
Shoes// Miz Moo
Glasses// Vintage

 photo IMG_0851_zpseca3250e.jpg

Yay for glasses! I love unique prints, florals only do it for me for so long. I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend to myself! I'm gonna watch stupid TV and maybe craft a little, but I just kinda feel like vegetating, I've been working non-stop. Silly trashy TV is kind of my weakness. It's my thing, and my escape from real world probs.

I am getting SO much done lately, because I"m preparing for a huge Etsy store spring cleaning/item make over. I'm making loads and loads of brand new items and getting a bunch of old ones made up and ready to go, so I can put them in the sale section and get rid of them. Out with the old in with the new! It's just hard doing it all myself, so it's taking me forever to churn out all these new things! I'm hoping by next week I'll be all done fabricating, and I can start photographing. Then I'll probably list them the week after, so I can spread it all across 5 days, and make an event out of it, haha! Today I discovered the amazing-ness that is polymer clay. And I got a pack of Martha Stewart craft paints today for 40% off. BOOYAH! (I never say booyah, I don't know why I just did)



Sammi said...

SO cute! I have a little cardigan with a glasses print. That skirt is so darling, and I love your actual glasses too! :)

xox Sammi

inbetweenidols said...

Ah, polymer clay is amazing. I have a block of it just waiting for a day off for me to play with it! I love trashy TV also, it's an awesome way to pass time and disconnect from life's stress.

Jackie Humphrey said...

So simple yet so stunning! I love how the belt really pops in this outfit.

Recently found your blog and love it!


Modern Girl Blitz said...

Glasses prints are the best :)

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Seems like we have a lot in common! Right now I'm watching the Kardashians, I am ashamed. haha!

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Thank you, lovely new reader! :)