Monday, April 29, 2013

Riot Grrrl and Pearls

 photo IMG_0895_zps33ab120c.jpg  photo IMG_0887_zps4947a904.jpg

Dress// Vince Camuto 
Pearl & Glasses// Vintage
Brooch// Cakeeater
Shoes// Easy Spirit (from mom's closet, haha)
Bag// Amazon

 photo IMG_0905_zpseb0db607.jpg  photo IMG_0928_zpsa45e4cbe.jpg

I think it's fun pairing things like pearls with a riot grrrl brooch. Sprucing things up a bit, haha. I wore this yesterday for my brother's birthday. I love ay excuse to get dressed up, duh. I had the nice and relaxing weekend I was looking forward to, but know I'm up to my neck in work..whoops!

I got this dress on sale from Lord and Taylor. I think it must be some kind of well kept secret..but L&T has the BEST sales! I don't know anyone else that shops there. Maybe the one by me is especially awesome or something. Anyway, dinner with the fam was fun. And I got to see my my London, my nephew (my brother's dog). Every time i see that dog I just think of how much I can't wait to get my own little silly dog, when Mike and I get our place. (rescue, of course)

Ok, I have like ten million thousand things on my check list today, time to get down to business.



Alice S. said...

Lovely dress and lovely bag and lovely brooch and lovely you ^^ said...

I totally adore the pairing of stereotypically feminine outfits with riot grrl details, too! That brooch is adorable and I love your nails! :o

I also had to pop in and thank you--I just noticed on tumblr that you reblogged one of my illustrations and added credit to me! That's so so sweet! When I post an illo on my tumblr, it gets like 10 notes. When someone else does, it gets 1800+! Haha, figures. That's why I try to watermark, but that's still not as effective as a direct link.

Sammi said...

I love me some Lord & Taylor, and I love how tongue-in-cheek you are with the pearls/dress pairing with the pin! I love that little fox bag, too :)

xox Sammi

Elana said...

I'm so happy I just found your blog. Going through your posts, it's evident that you have the best style and the coolest personality, so I'm pretty much in love with you already. And I mean that in the most non-creepy non-stalkerish way possible.

This dress is great and I need one of these purses! It looks so fun with everything.

Sarah Shackleford said...

I really love this mixture and the red is especially flattering with your coloring!

Miss Lil'Susie said...

Love your outfit <3
I just found your blog now, and I'm completely in love.
Without a doubt I'm your follower.

With Love
Miss Lil'Susie <3

Crissy Candypow said...

Whoa what an awesome room! Lovely dress. Even better that it was on sale. Score!