Monday, April 22, 2013

Rock Beach

 photo IMG_0758_zps097e9f8e.jpg  photo IMG_0756_zps1d921b86.jpg

Shoes// Vans
Brooch// c/o Sugarcookie
Necklace// Vintage via Grandma
Glasses// Kiss
Bag// Jo Totes (prettiest camera bag EVER!)

 photo IMG_0727_zps3842a7cb.jpg  photo IMG_0717_zps61c80f48.jpg  photo IMG_0759_zps50bd32a6.jpg

Hello! How was your weekend? Hope it was a good one and you enjoyed some nice weather, cause I sure did. Mike and I (my new personal photographer, haha)went back to Sands Point (the place with the Castle) and explored some more. This time we got a map and were able to find the beach. Not actually called rock beach, FYI, I just call it that for obvious reasons. I wore my seashell dress accordingly! I looooove this dress, and I feel like because of the print wearing it when it's not summer feels strange..but being as I was on the beach I think it's appropriate. But the fit is great and the material is nice and soft, not polyester-y.
The Northshore beaches of Long Island are very rock-y, and have lots of interesting things growing out of the ground and on the rocks...  photo IMG_0755_zps863d2581.jpg
Those are mussels..I can't believe us humans eat those! I wonder who was the first person who saw these and said.."I bet these are delicious. "  photo IMG_0737_zps3ea81b47.jpg
This thing really creeped me out..but intrigued me at the same time. It looks like something out of Jumanji to me. When I was taking pictures of it, Mike poked me back with a stick and I FREAKED OUT. Ugh.

Anyway, here's a to a good work week!



Cate said...

I love your dress! Rocky beaches are my favourite, they're so atmospheric.

Angel said...

You look lovely and I love these pictures. (Mike did a great job!) I can't wait to spend some time at the beach this year too.

Sammi said...

That dress is adorable. I think I've seen it before! Lovely photos and you have the best glasses!

xox Sammi

Typical 90s child... said...

Yeah...I tend to think that quite often when it comes to food...
You on the other hand look great, and these pictures are gorgeous!

Emma Schaeffer said...

great dress! it's a really pretty color combination.

-Emma from little motley

Sarah said...

There's nothing better in this world than dressing appropriately for the occasion. Where better to wear a seashell dress than a beach? Either way, it's a gorgeous dress, and it looks great on you!

Annika Victoria said...

Oh you are just so cute :)

Hopefully Smashing said...

I love this outfit, one of my faves so far!

Darshana said...

lovely photos!

Meli said...

you are soooo adooorable

Amanda said...

Love this outfit! That print on the dress is so cute and it's such a great color on you!