Monday, April 15, 2013

Skater Midge

 photo IMG_0319_zps8b8d6dae.jpg  photo IMG_0316_zpsa84fd387.jpg  photo IMG_0314_zpsaf020a45.jpg

Dress// Buffalo
Shoes// Vintage via Mom
Headband// Amazon
Necklace// Glitterlimes

 photo IMG_0332_zpsfeaf481c.jpg

This dress makes me look like a total ice skater...but I LOVE it. It was on sale at Lord and Taylor. I always find the best things on sale there, because I feel like the people that shop there don't really have my kinda style, so all the stuff I like ends up on the 50% off rack..buahaha!
I wore this outfit this past Saturday, when I went to see my very first roller derby bout!! I had so much fun, and I was in the company of some awesome buddies, it was just a really great night. I'm officially gonna save up for a a pair of top of the line skates and start practicing. Derby has always been in the back of my mind as something I really wanted to do, but Saturday just confirmed that. Rollerblading was my main outdoor hobby when I was younger, and I was pretty good, so roller skating can be that different can it? Ever since I've known derby existed I wanted to do it. And you know that I would come up with some great derby outfits with all my miniskirts and such. Even if I don't make a team right away, I love to skate anyways!
New goals, yay :D



Sammi said...

Wowza, what a gorgeous look on you!!! I love the vintage boots, too.

xox Sammi

Modern Girl Blitz said...

thank you, dear!

Rachel Sullivan said...

That dress is smokin!


Tiffany D'Angela said...

*former lurker coming outta the shadows here*
You should definitely go out for derby! It's great, it's more than great!! I have not regretted it all since I started 2 years ago.
The only advice is get yourself some really good knee pads and read as much as you can about the rules and anything derby related and watch as many videos on youtube or where-ever about basic skills for roller derby. San Diego derby dolls have a bunch of great videos posted on youtube about basic skills-like stops and what not.
Anyways good luck to you and go try out for a team ASAP!! :)
Tiffany AKA Dr Frank-N-HurtHer