Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Goals

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I love when Spring comes. It is definitely my favorite season. Light-at-end-of-winter-tunnel season. I feel like its a much more appropriate time of year to set goals as resolutions, as opposed to New Years, because Spring feels more like a "re-birth"

1// Sew more. I got my sewing machine for christmas when I was in high school. I used it mainly to make sock moneys, and once the needle broke when I was making tons of sock monkey ornaments for some co-workers and I haven't used it since. That was like, 5 years ago. I am a disgrace. I've since gotten new needles and dusted it off, and then realized the foot is missing, and I have no clue where it went. I just started taking better care of my things, I used to be kind of reckless with my stuff, explaining the lost foot. I just bought a new one on amazon. But I want to learn to make my own clothes and sew some small things for my shop, like detachable collars and pouches! I hope that foot comes soon!

2// Take more walks/rent library books. Working from home has it's pro and cons. A con being I don't really move around too often, so when the weather warms up hopefully I can get myself to take more walks. I have trouble getting myself to walk around if there ins't  a destination, so I decided that I can kill two birds with one stone by walking to the library, and as a result reading more books.

3// Explore more spots on Long Island. I complain SO much about living in the suburbs of Long Island. I'm currently still at home, cause Mike and I are saving up for a house, hopefully somewhere in trendy brooklyn (we're gonna start house/condo hunting next month) which take alot more saving than renting an apt so we're both stuck at our respective parents' houses for the time being. But for now, I've decided to quit complaining about how "boring" the suburbs are and make the best of it, by trying to go out and explore some spots here on LI that I would enjoy going to. This weekend me and Mike are gonna go to Sands Point, there's a castle, a beach and some nature trails. Wooo, nature!

4// Take more photos! So I can be a better photographer/blogger. I'm always trying to improve on all my skills and hobbies, and this one I'm pretty into right now. I have a Diana camera that needs fixing, too. This weekend I will be taking plenty on photos on my little Sands Point excursion.

Happy almost Friday, everyone!



marisa said...

good luck w the diana :3

Lindsay Jo Design said...

My goals are pretty similar, except my "sew more" goal is "work in Wordpress" more!

- Lindsay