Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In the Woods

 photo IMG_2388_zps0d3dcabe.jpg

Top// Thrifted
Sweater// Abound
Pants// NY & Company
Shoes// Vans
Bracelet//Kate Spade

Well, I'm back from my long weekend! Aaaaand I'm sick. I actually got sick right before we left and was kinda feeling meh the whole time. But I'm good at tuning that kinda stuff out so I can have a good time, which I did. It was a relaxing weekend, hung out with some good friends and enjoyed everyones company in the middle of nowhere. It's such a novelty for me to have a style photo in the woods being as I don't live close to much woodsy areas...so alas I squeezed in an outfit post over my short vacation. 

I'll talk more about my trip in a later post cause I have some more pictures to share with ya. This was one of the few times I would wear pants, though I didn't plan on it! It was colllld this memorial day weekend, and the woods in Bushkill was no exception. I went from packing shorts and sandals to boots and jeggings. So it goes.



Andi B. Goode said...

Love the green and peachy orange together! :D

Modern Girl Blitz said...

thanks gurl! <3