Friday, May 17, 2013

Photo a Day in May: 17/31

 photo IMG_2046_zps84ca392f.jpg

Do you save champagne corks from special occasions? Sometimes I feel like the only one. This one is particular was from a year ago, when I got this design job that I left my job I had all through out college for. Mike bought me the champagne to celebrate new beginnings. Even though the job was supposed to be like my first real jobbie job that I went to school for, it didn't exactly work out (I effing hated it) But it was a stepping stone to where I am now so I don't have too much animosity towards the situation.  So I saved the cork as a little reminder, that sub-par situations are just a an obstacle on the way to being happy :)



Rhiannon said...

I save ticket stubs :)

pigeon said...

haha, yes, i do that! i have the cork from my 18th birthday, for example ;>
[today new cute post in my weirdoland!]

Angie Bailey said...

Jen and I want to start doing this!!! We really wish we saved the cork from our honeymoon. x.x That would have been an absolutely wonderful little memento!