Friday, May 24, 2013

Photo a Day in May: 24/31

 photo IMG_2333_zps5fa4ec92.jpg
Hi, my name is Midge, and I am an over-packer. This weekend I'm going away with some friends to a cabin in Pennsylvania. The weather is supposed to be cold and rainy which is BLAH. So i had to do a lot of editing from what I originally planned on bringing. Less shorts more sweaters. But I'm definitely one of those over-packers thats like BUT I NEED OPTIONS! So I pack 6 outfits or so for like 3 days. But at least I'm also an efficient packer, I can fit 10 pounds of crap into a 5 pound bag. The trick is rolling all of your clothes instead of folding, saves tons of space.

I have all my photo a days scheduled to post automatically for the weekend so you won't even know I'm gone.
Well, I'm off!



Missy said...

I like to roll ALL my clothes into one giant roll!

Laura Murray said...

I do the same thing when I go over to my boyfriends for the weekend. I just can't decide what I want to where :P