Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer Skirt

 photo IMG_2102_zpsbc79b88e.jpg  photo IMG_2093_zpsc05a7c7c.jpg

Top// Thrifted
Skirt// Zara
Shoes// Kensie
Glasses// Kiss
Earrings// Handmade
Bracelet//Kate Spade

 photo IMG_2136_zps1d39df7b.jpg

Ahh, you guys, I managed to combine two of the cutesy-ist prints into one outfit! I think they go well together, though, it might be a daring combo. This is one of my favorite skirts for summer.and flowy so I stay relatively cool in it. The print is super summery, and its nice  Even though it's still Spring, it sure felt like summer today. I have my AC blasting right now.

My office has expanded with stuff so much in the past year that I have to buy a power strip for everything, cause I don't have and room on the wall for my AC anymore! But that's good, my office is like and OFFICE now. It almost a year since I've been doing crafting as a living now...woah! That's kinda crazy to think about, but awesome.
Wow, I'm so exciting..talking about outlets. I'll stop now, haha.



Brooke @ You're in Brookelynn said...

Looks like an outfit for the 4th of July! Super cute though, I love the patterns :)


Beverly Houpt said...

This is awesome! Love pattern mixing.

pigeon said...

i looove this! interesting pattern mix <3


Simonas street said...

How cute! I love the patterns together!



Lindsey Louise Bales said...

that top and the skirt just seem to flow together! they look perfect!

lindsey louise