Monday, July 29, 2013

Montauk Part 1

I got some of my film developed! I still have some rolls waiting to be used up, but here's what we have so far! These pictures are making me miss my trip so much...  photo IMG_20130729_0001_zps4d8c127b.jpg

 photo mike_tiki_zps60c37b54.jpg
This tiki man used to painted all primary colors and looked way cooler. I guess they were trying to class it up by painting it gold? Which seemed strange to me. But I still need pictures in front of it, it's a tradition.
 photo scavenging_zps8b352058.jpg  photo holding_zps5a2cf9bb.jpg
We had bonfires twice. We both bought and scavenged for used wood/drift wood (we, meaning, Mike, I sat and read my book)

 photo flashfire_zps28322e87.jpg  photo firrre_zps7248e6f5.jpg
Our fires were pretty massive. We had a lot of people passing by complimenting it. The first time this dude who seemed out of his mind on something came by to be like "WOAH NICE FIRE!" Which then quickly escalated into him trying to convince us that mermaids are real because of evolution and if it's on the discovery channel it has to be true, and then his friend began singing the them song to The Little Mermaid in it's entirety without pause. It was...weird. They left after like 15 minutes. Worth the story, in my opinion.

 photo lol_zps5e0108fb.jpg
Speaking of weird, I had no idea Mike was making this lovely face when I snapped this picture. Neither of us knew why this face came about, but I'm sure I got it on film. I seriously cannot stop laughing at this!

 photo gull_zps5cc57196.jpg

Thats all for now, more soon!



Sammi said...

Ahhh this is making me miss last summer!! My boyfriend and I made a bonfire one night on the beach too, and it was so fantastic. Where did you guys eat? I have to live vicariously :)

xox Sammi

Modern Girl Blitz said...

We went to Gosmans as out like "fancy" dinner, though I don't even eat seafood, or meat, so it was more for Mike, haha! Other times we did grocery shopping and ate dinner on the beach by the fire. And there's a new Mexican place there that's really good!