Monday, July 8, 2013

Palm Trees

 photo IMG_3537_zpsac5163c3.jpg  photo looking_zps9c9c042c.jpg

Dress// H&M (mom's)
Sunglasses// Thrifted
Shoes// Crown Vintage
Bracelet// Betsey Johnson

 photo IMG_3551_zps46eeb8ef.jpg

Oh hai! So how bout that heat wave? Ugh. Well, I've had yet another eventful weekend, spent a lot of time traveling and sweating whilst traveling. I always say how much I love the summer, but I hate the subways in the summer. I don't do parkways or drive long distances, so I take the train out there. So it goes. I went to CT for a bridesmaid get-together for Rhiannon, and we crafted and watch movies and bridezillas. So it was pretty much a success.
I guess I should talk about the outfit, huh? My mom left this dress hanging on the bathroom door, where she usually keeps things she plans on wearing in the near future, but she's in Florida now so I put it on yesterday when I got home from CT. Its super stretchy and comfy. Can't got wrong with a good, basic, H&M dress. I decided to see The Bling Ring by myself yesterday, cause I just really wanted to see it, and didn't wanna wait to get someone to go see it with me. I love going to the movies by myself. And the movie was really good, I mean it's Sofia Coppola, so of course it's gonna be pure dreamy eye candy. And Emma Watson is a great actress, I looove her. And the only theater close to me that it was playing at had this strange Middle Ages themed decor, complete with fake knights everywhere, walls painted to look like a castle, and a dragon statue. What even. Anyway, happy monday! By this time next week I'll be in Montauk :)



Sara Świętosławska said...

lovely dress!

Sarah Shackleford said...

I love the hair streak! I saw you talking about it on twitter, I'm glad it turned out well!

cuteNroll said...

cute dress!


alice c'n'r

Alice S. said...

One of the cutest dress ever!!!!

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Thank you! I think I gotta bleach it again, i want it lighter. Hope it doesn't fall out!

Simonas street said...

Sounds like a fun theater! Know what you meen when you just have to do a change to your look. I went with red but actually thought about a blonde streak! Suits you!



Sarah said...

Looking snazzy as always, Midge. I love those glasses!

xx S.
The Laughing Medusa