Friday, July 5, 2013

Skunk Stripe

I was having one of those moments where I really NEEDED some sort of change with my look. I wasn't sure what, but I needed something new. I thought of a tattoo, but I wanna be able to swim in the water next week on vacation so that was out. Then I spotted some hair dye in my closet and I thought about dying some red streaks. But I finally decided on adding a blonde skunk stripe. Even though you are really not supposed to bleach over black hair dye, I did it anyway. And of course it took FOREVER. It came out kiiiinda brassy but I still like it.

I was supposed to do 2 streaks in the front (like Gloria Steinem) (because the number one thing she wants to be remembered for us here hair haha) but that went array. It's been a longgg time sinse I've dyed my hair myself aside from just an all over one color. I used to be real good at it, I'm getting rusty!

Oh well. A small change is always nice.
Hope you're having an awesome weekend, I'm on my way to Connecuit for the weekend to party with some fellow bridesmaids. Woooo!


Ps I'm up for any tips any of you might have on how I can get this strip to a lighter color without burning it off :)


Sonya said...

I really like it! I almost wish I had hair long enough to do something similar. Also, it reminds me of Kate Nash's hair like this:

pigeon said...

it look cool! i really like your hairstyle, girl~

Polly Bland said...

So retro and pin up! I love it so much! Thank you for following... following you back! :D

love, polly


Heather Brocklesby said...

Very Kate Nash-esque. I love it!