Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bustin' Out

As many of you probably know, this past weekend my work was included in an art show thrown by my lovely friend Maria. It was in her buddy's apartment, so it was pretty laid back (as opposed to a gallery gallery) and I got to see awesome people and show off some skillz. Almost every single one of my friends showed up to support me and it was so incredibly heart-warming to see everyone in the same place for the show! I was too busy having fun to really take a ton of pictures, but I did take a few of my piece and some others of my favorites that other people did. The theme of the show was breasts, which I thought was really cool, especially with my feminist background in my art.

My piece is called 3 Cheers. My lil plaque explains it quite well.
 photo IMG_4595_zps039eb527.jpg

I wanted my piece to resemble somewhat of a celebration with lots of party-like vibes and bright colors.
 photo IMG_4585_zps6bfa4c94.jpg  photo IMG_4593_zpsc29a0159.jpg

These photos I took today, cause I wanted photos with a  white background.  photo IMG_4673_zpsa7e5d751.jpg  photo IMG_4760_zps29657d5b.jpg
One of my favorite things about my piece is the confetti edges, and the glimmering effects that it has in the light. I'll be posting more cool photos of my piece on my tumblr soon, along with a weekly series based off it!

Here are some of my favorite pieces done by my fellow artists from the show!
 photo IMG_4610_zps048a2488.jpg  photo IMG_4609_zps2f1b79d9.jpg  photo IMG_4608_zpsfdba8b56.jpg
This was an interactive animation piece by Benjamin Santiago. It was like boob fireworks, it was so mesmerizing! There was a cool soundtrack to it, that he composed with some rubber boobs he sculpted with some wires attached to them and thus made noise. (I am so not a tech savvy person, so I'm so bad at talking about tech like things)

 photo IMG_4611_zpsb749c08c.jpg
This photo/puzzle is by Andrea Arrubla. The missing pieces were strategically arranged on the floor,
(but I couldn't get a good picture of it.)

   photo IMG_4602_zps73804af9.jpg
Maria Santiago, my friend who organized this whole thing, did this painting which is kind of amazing. She always has such a way with her words.

We'll be back to your regular quirky style blog posts tomorrow!



Kitsch Vixen said...

Those are all amazing pieces!
And I love the sparkly edges on your work. Wish I could have seen everything in person!

Midge Blitz said...

Thank you, darlin'! It was a great show.

BenjaminSantiago said...

Thanks for posting this! You got a really fortuitous angle from the sun on your piece.