Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Call For Submissions! Stigma Zine #4 - Fashion & Personal Style

Hello! I posted about this on every other internet outlet I have so i thought I would post it here too.

If you don't already know, I curate a feminist zine called Stigma about unfair social stigmas put on us by patriarchal standards. Stigma zine talks about social stigmas from a feminist perspective, and how to embrace what society says is wrong, strange, gross. ect. It’s an awesome empowerment zine. This zine is all about celebrating things that make us amazing and powerful regardless of how much these qualities are stigmatized. All of our experiences are different and of course also valid, which is why Stigma is submission based.

I thought it would be of good use to post my call for submissions on this blog being as it is primarily a personal style blog, and I'm sure lots of you have amazing and valid things to say about this topic! 
Issue #1

Issue #2

Issue #3

So I need your words! I’ve got the visuals down pat, I just need text content. Issue #4 will be about fashion/personal style/the way we dress and why, how it makes us feel, rebellion of traditional roles in the form of personal style, ect. I’m looking for words from any/all perspectives and experiences! It can be serious, not-so-serious, whatever,  just as long as it relates to the main topic. They don't have to be super long either, they can be a short paragraph or two or even a poem. 
I set the deadline for this Friday the 4th, but in reality I probably won't start putting everything together until Monday, so if you want to submit something over the weekend, that's fine by me! 
You can email me all submissions at I look forward to reading what you have to say! And of course all whose submissions make it to the zine with receive a free copy as my thanks.
You can find the previous three issues of Stigma in my etsy here.(or above)

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