Friday, October 25, 2013

Costume from my Closet// Audrey Horne

This idea was actually my first when I decided to do this little installment of costume ideas from things I already own. Mainly because when I first bought these items at the thrift store, I was channeling Audrey Horne in a subtle way, I guess. But pair it with saddle shoes and fake beauty mark (and some serious eyebrow tweezing...ouch!) and its full a on costume. 
It was pretty overcast today, which is why these photos are kind of grainy and showy... in a normal outfit post I would not be pleased with how they came out, but I think the mood fits in this instance. 

As I said, everything is thrifted, except for my shoes that were plain black and I painted them for a DIY for this blog back in the summer. Glad a I did, now! I used to own the PERFECT and authentic Bass saddle shoes when I was about 11. I have NO idea whwre they went, which is a real shame because I was an early blommer so my feet are the same size now as they were then. Blast!

In related Twin Peaks things to say, I'm actually going to a Twin Peaks themed Halloween party tonight at a bar Brooklyn and I am beyond excited. I won't be going dresses as Audrey though, being as my actual costume took a lot of thought and putting together so I can't just abandon it. There a hint of what that costume is in the last picture of this post ;) Also, Mike is going as Dr. Jacoby. Oh wait.. scratch that, he literally just called me, saying he changed his mind. He's going to print out the script to the Pilot and attach it to his clothing...haha! That let's me of the hook because I was going to make him some red and blue glasses lenses out of clear plastic. One less thing for me to do today, not complaining! 
I'll be sure to report back on how the party is, along with some photos! I'm definitely entering the costume contest. 



Nancy Wilde said...

Audrey Horne is the ultimate femme fatale/style icon that never ceases to inspire!

Aishling said...

Excellent! I love this! You're perfect as her :) Your lipstick looks amazing too!

Hope said...

This is perfect! I was going to do Audrey for halloween too but changed my mind and went with a video game character instead. You did a great job :)