Monday, October 14, 2013

Green and Plaid

Sweater// H&M
Skirt// Thrifted
Shoes// Vintage via Mom
Necklace// Handmade

I love this sweater so much! I've really been wanting a somewhat baggy but not too baggy sweater like this, and I snagged it in H&M this weekend. I've been having good luck with that place lately, I've been buying a lot of great pieces from there recently. Saturday I went to The Witches Brew with Rhiannon, which is a quirky coffee house by me on Long Island. I'll write more about that later this week! I had a fun weekend. I wore this to go to a tour of an old historical house with my folks. So nerdy. We planned on going to Teddy Roosevelt's house but that was closed because it's government funded. I wanted to see Teddy Roosevelt's taxidermy collection, dammit!!
I couldn't decided if I should take today off or not. Self employed problems, I guess. So I decided to just sleep till whenever I wanted, but to still get some work done. So I'm having a very laid back work day, as opposed to taking the whole day off.

Next weekend is more house/condo hunting (I wanna move already!! I hope we find something we can pull the trigger on...) on Saturday, but on Sunday I want to take Mike to Morgan Park, which is apparently haunted by JP Morgan and his daughter. I love doing creepy stuff like this in the fall, I'm a total dork. And this weather here in the Northeast recently has been the most perfect ever.Hopefully this park isn't government funded, haha.

Oh, how do ya like my tiny harmonica necklace? I found the harmonica itself at a garage sale a few weeks ago, and the minute I got home I made this necklace out of it. Not too shabby for two bucks! I've seen necklaces like this sold at big retailers, so I feel very pleased with myself that I was able to make my own.



RCagz said...

The baggy sweater/smart skirt combo is one of my favourites for Fall/Winter :) Looks great! xoxo

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I love the color of that sweater! And I know what you mean about baggy, but not TOO baggy. Those are so hard to come by and it's so exciting when you finally find the perfect amount of baggy...haha. Oh, and I love the harmonica necklace. I actually tried to learn to play a couple of years ago. I can play Mary Had A Little Lamb, and that's about

Claire Ann said...

Ooh love this outfit... perfect for Autumn!