Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Impulse Dye

Dress// ModCloth 
Sweater// Abound
Necklace// Craft fair
Glasses// Coastal
Tights// HUE
Shoes// Blowfish

I literally just woke up one day and decided I wanted blue hair. Being as most of my head is dyed black, I decided to just go with dying the blonde streak blue (for now). I had some leftover manic panic (after midnight blue) from when I had my whole head blue back in the day (still looking for pictures of that!) and dyed it on a whim. Some day soon when I'm feeling more adventurous and more patient, I'm going to try for the whole head. I haven't had my whole head an "unnatural color" for about 7 years now. So I think it's time to re-visit that world. I literally can't stop thinking about it and how awesome I think I would look with blue hair again. Last time I tried it my hair was pretty fried, so this time I'm going to try and take much more care with it, even if it means taking a couple months to get my black hair light enough. Bleaching on top of bleaching right away was my first mistake, I had doll's hair and it was gross.  My aunt Gloria hated it so much that she bought me some deep conditioner at the mall and pretty much forced me to use it. haha! So hopefully next time will be better, now that I'm older and much more uh..patient. 

I've had this dress for a bit now, I've been meaning to share it for some time. I got it during a modcloth sale for a song. Does anyone else say that? I feel like me and my mom are the only ones. (it means it was really in-expensive). But it's super comfy and great everyday dress. I don't really own jeans and the only other pants I own are pajamas. So I literally wear dresses or skirts every day, so I'm always looking for good every day ones. This one fits the bill. 

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!



Kailey said...

That dress is adorable!

Crissy said...

You should definitely use the coconut oil method for bleaching! It'll speed up the lightening process and leave your hair less damaged. Blue would look so awesome on you! :3

I really love the dress.... is it a thick material?

Kelsey said...

I love the dress! It's so cute, and so are you!! I love the blue streak. I had blonde tips for a while and really wanted to go blue, but I ended up doing red. Seeing your little bit of blue has made me want to do it again!

Midge Blitz said...

Ohh thanks for the tip! The dress is kind of in's not thin and cheap but it's not like a sweater material either. It's pretty comfortable!

Midge Blitz said...

Thanks gurl :)

Midge Blitz said...

Yay! Do it! :)

Sarah S. said...

Have you seen Pacific Rim? The blue streak makes me think of Make (the leading lady). I totally adore it!

Bekkie Kershaw said...

Cute outfit, love the cardigan!

Danielle Morgan said...

The blue streak is a nice touch! I did a random all over hair dye this past Saturday... and I definitely do not regret it! :)