Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Stuff

I wracked my brain thinking of a title for this post and "My Stuff" is seriously the best I could come up with. Maybe because it's the end of the day and I might be a bit fried.
I wanted to take a lot of photos of all the cool stuff in my room to share with all of you for a while now, cause I think I own some coool things. And now that the fact that I'll be moving soonish I want to kind of immortalize my little space with some pretty photos.
These photos are the one corner of my room that you see bookcase area.

 This is my favorite little corner of my room. It's so colorful.

 I replaced some of the zines and prints with some of my favorite photos that I recently printed..I don't print enough of my digital photos! The one of the end is actually from Rhiannon's wedding where they had a little photo booth with an old Polaroid camera. Sooo cool!

I thrifted that frame a while ago, and I kept meaning to paint or collage something on it. When I got chalkboard paint the decision was made!

 I feel like owls have such mass appeal. They're just like universally awesome and adorable. This is actually my bank where I keep spare change. It's almost full!
 Book and knick knacks..pretty much half of what I own are in either of these categories. And cameras!
 I have funny ways of storing things. I keep a lot of my jewelry in this ceramic egg basket thing.
 I love this hand thing. I recently painted myself another hand like it. i think that may be my new weird thing to collect.



Lariats and Lavender said...

I so love the idea of a chalkboard frame, so genius!!! I love seeing people's stuff!

Neon Michelle said...

Awesome! I love seeing pictures of other people's homes because I'm a total creep. I take pictures of my apartment at random because I feel like in 50 years I'm going to want to know what, say, my spice rack looked like in my 20s. I just like photos of every day surroundings. I always wanted a hand like that, too! xo

♡♡Ingrid Abrams♡♡ said...

How do you keep your room so organized? Is it the Virgo in you? I just finished Calling Dr. Laura. SO GOOD.

Midge Blitz said...

I am the ultimate organized typical virgo you have no idea. It kinda just come naturally I guess, haha. And yes, Dr. Laura was amazing, I read it in a day.

Midge Blitz said...

Oh, me too, that's why I made this post! Looking at other people's stuff is like my pastime haha

Midge Blitz said...

Thanks so much!

Angel said...

you got some cool stuff!

Sarah S. said...

I love all the little touches! This makes me want to clean my room!

kateoriot said...

Idiot Girls! I adore Laurie Notaro. Glad to see your copy looks well-worn. :)

RCagz said...

So much colour! Definitely shows off your personality :) your jewellery storage is awesome xoxo

Elisa B said...

You live in a very colorful space. no wonder you are brilliant! Or maybe it's the opposite... you're brilliant therefore you live in a place full of awesome things that inspire you! Hahaha I can't decide, it's probably both. <3