Monday, October 21, 2013

Rhymes with Blood Orange

Top// ModCloth (out of stock)
Sweater// Old Navy
Brooch// Thrifted
Glasses// Kiss
Tights// JC Penny
Boots// Bass

Hello! I'm in love with the color of this cardigan. Though I'm not nuts about non-crop cardigans (hey, it was 7 dollars, I bought it for the color) So I always like to tie long cardigans like this. Sometimes I can like a long cardigan, but it depends on the rest of the outfit. And I love these tights because they look like thigh highs but won't sag down. Which kind of the most annoying thing ever.

I have a serious case of the Mondays right now, I can't seem to wake up to get anything done. And there is a lot to do! I still have to get Stigma #4 done and ready. I have all the text laid out, just need to get the visual done. I also need to get some paintings done for the original art section of the shop, which is a lot of work!
Now I have to go out and do some supply shopping. Sorry this was so short and somewhat dull. I need more coffee!



Bryanna Hebenstreit said...

I, too, need more coffee...and less work. haha good luck today!!

Sarah S. said...

I have upped my coffee intake so much since school started, it's getting ridiculous! Also, love the skirt! You look so comfortable.

Kailey said...

Oh my god I LOVE those tights - they look perfect on you! Hope you are able to be more productive today <3333